Styling the featured slider text

While Elegant Themes makes it easy to change the picture associated with each post that will be displayed on the homepage featured slider, it’s not so easy to change the style of the post title or description. You probably wouldn’t want to do anything too crazy given the background opacity, but here are a few options.

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Uploading and positioning a logo

The default logo for Chameleon is a little small for what most people probably want. This tweak will show you how to upload your logo and then how to position it.  

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Custom copyright in footer

Chameleon comes with the standard information in the footer section of the theme. To remove references to Elegant Themes and WordPress and add your own information, this simple tweak will do the trick and adds a nifty copyright year trick.

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Adding content area boxes on homepage

By default, Chameleon gives you the option to add three content areas to the homepage directly under the slider and quote. This tweak adds three more content area boxes directly under the first three for a total of six.

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Make content areas clickable on homepage

By default, the content areas on the homepage are not clickable. If you set a Featured Image for the corresponding page, that image will be displayed on the homepage but some users might not want to display an image. This tweak will add a “read more” button that will link to the page.

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Align homepage widgets horizontally instead of vertically

With the default settings, widgets added to the bottom of the homepage will vertically align and stack on top of each other, leaving a large gap on the right side of the homepage. This tweak will align the content horizontally so they are side-by-side and properly centered.  

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