Multiple contact pages with different emails

Elegant Themes include really nice contact page templates with a built-in captcha. The problem is when you want to have more than one contact page; maybe one for each author. This simple tweak will let you add as many contact pages as you like with separate emails for each page.

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Remove mobile layout option

Some themes give you the option to disable responsive layout in the epanel. Foxy does not have this option. You can use the following tweak to disable it manually.

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Change orange color scheme

The default color scheme for Foxy is set to orange. You have limited options for different colors in the theme’s settings, but this tweak will show you how to change it to any color you like using CSS.

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Add social media icons to header

Foxy comes with a twitter and facebook icon in the footer by default. You can link the icons to your social accounts using the epanel. This tweak will let you add the icons to the top of your pages in the header or you can put them in both the header and footer.

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Decrease size of post info on category page

If your post titles are only a few words, the category page looks great on Foxy. But if your post titles tend to be lengthy, the post title, description, and read-more button take up a lot of space. Although visually appealing, some might rather reduce the sizes to fit more content. This tweak shows you how to do this and you can make other changes such as...

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