What are Elegant Tweaks?

Elegant tweaks are small bits of code that help you customize Elegant Themes, a very popular theme membership site for WordPress. Some tweaks are CSS styles that change the appearance of Elegant Themes while others are PHP code that change how your Elegant Themes function. More advanced tweaks might include both CSS and PHP.

Elegant Themes Specific

Elegant tweaks will only work on Elegant Themes. WordPress has a very large footprint. Trying to cover every theme from every theme maker would be an impossible task. Elegant Themes alone currently has 87 themes and counting. Covering each of these is going to be a big enough project. The advantage is that each tweak will be customized for a specific theme. If a theme has not been edited, the tweaks are guaranteed to work (third party plugins can sometimes cause conflicts).

Easy to Use

Elegant tweaks provide everything you need to customize your Elegant Theme the way you want. Each tweak refers to a specific theme. Simply find the Elegant Theme you are using and every tweak related to that theme will be shown. If you can’t find a tweak that meets your needs for a particular theme, you can submit a request to have it added.

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